River Wye Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming River Wye Jump In!

Swimming at White House

With over a mile of River Wye at White House Glamping, it is no wonder that Wild Swimming was one of our most requested activities. We have now partnered up with local expert Angela Jones to take our guests on guided wild swimming tours down the Wye.

what is on offer

There’s no better way to get to know the River Wye than taking a dip in it. Your instructor Angela has the following on offer:


Introduction Swim: Suitable for everyone and targeted at those who are having a first time experience swimming in the Wye. Tow floats included, wet suits are £5 extra. 2 hours. £40 per person.

Swim Adventure: For those who are confident in the water, the Swim Adventure will go a further distance (likely from Sellack). £35 per person.

Minimum 4 people.

Meet Your Instructor

Angela has been swimming the Wye for over 35 years and is one of the biggest champions of and a guardian for preserving the Wye. Angela gathers data and campaigns to protect the river. She has been featured by the likes of BBC, Guardian and ITV.


Known as the Wild Woman of The Wye, she swims in the river all year round. She takes people out swimming to share her love for the river and her wealth of knowledge. Participants will lean about the wildlife and environment of this magical gem. She offers swims in over 86 miles of the Wye.


In a wild swimming experience with her, you will learn all about the Wye under the supervision and instruction of one of the most experienced wild swimmers out there. Angela is fully qualified, always tests the water and safety if always paramount. 


How do I book?

Just send us a message and we will help to arrange a date and time.

Do I have to fill out a medical and disclaimer?

Yes, you are required to complete a medical questionnaire and disclaimer.


How much does it cost?

£35 for Swim Adventure, £40 for Introduction Swim. Price per person.

Is there a minimum amount of people?

Yes, there is a minimum of 4 people.

Do you take groups?

We can arrange for more than 4 people. Angela will bring her trusted and trained instructors and there will be 1 instructor per 4 people/

Will I need a wet suit?

All technical and longer swims are in wetsuits, they add buoyancy and warmth and make for a much safer swim. You can bring your own full wetsuit or available to hire at £5 .

What age do participants have to be?

All participants must be 16 years or over, and those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult on all events and trips.


If you’re booking your own family group event then minimum age is 6.


What do I need to bring?

Costume, Towel, Goggles, Swim robe – can be purchased £40, Swim hat – can be purchased £10, Water shoes – can be purchased £35, Tow float – can be hired £5 or purchased £40, Wet suit – can be hired £5, Warm clothes for after swim