Sex Education Locations Filmed In The Wye Valley – Maps Included!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard us ever mention this but Sex Education was filmed in the Wye Valley and we’re very excited by it. Not only is this right on our doorstep but it is also one of our favourite Netflix shows.


The TV show is basically a giant advert for the Wye Valley as that’s where it is filmed. The shots have got many people captivated and asking where it is – we’re proud that the series showed off our wonderful part of the world. In fact the river that is featured in the show is the River Wye which runs through our glamping site.


We tried to visit some of the top spots that we know were filmed near our glamping site in the Wye Valley. We’re going to share with you the locations of the top filming spots, including maps and our journey to find them.

Where Is Sex Education Located?

The Netflix series Sex Education is location in the Wye Valley which spans across both England and Wales. Top locations include Tintern, Symonds Yat and Monmouthshire. We’ll run through the top spots where key scenes are filmed.

Sex Education House Location (Otis’ House)

The location of the Sex Education house that Otis lives in is in Symonds Yat. The cute red house sits above the valley with fantastic views. In real life it is actually a B&B so you could go and stay there (but obviously you’d rather come glamping in our tipis 😉 ).


This was our first stop, we arrived in Symonds Yat East and parked at the bottom of the hill. Although the map below makes it look like there is a road that goes right up to the house, it is a private road. In order to get next to the house, you have to take the public footpath down from either Yat Rock or from the path that starts from the road about 30 metres up from the Happy Cow Cottage and is opposite some lime kilns.


Here it is on the map. Take a look at the reviews, there are many funny ones talking about ‘Dr. Milburn’ – god I love the internet.

While you are there, make sure not to miss Yat Rock. It’s a short walk from Otis’ house and it has some stunning views.

The Woods

The stunning shots of Otis and Eric cycling to school through the woods are filmed in Bargain Woods, Whitestone. There are also many shots in the hills around Llandogo. We’re big fans of these shots, they really capture the beauty of the countryside around this area. Here is the map:

The woods where many scenes were shot is Fedw Wood near Devauden, Monmouthshire.

The Moordale School Location

The high school scenes are shot in the disused University of Wales campus in Caerleon. Although the school often seems American it is in our very own Wales. We didn’t get to visit this location so we’re unsure how accessible it is.


The location for Moordale High School is here:

The Bridge

There are many bridges featured in the series.


Wireworks Bridge at Tintern is where this scene is filmed between Otis and Maeve: 

There are many other scenes filmed here too. We went along to Tintern (which is worth a trip in itself – visit the Abbey and walk around the town) and you’ll find the bridge just along the river from the Tintern Abbey. It is very easy to find so we recommend taking a trip here:

Redbrook Bridge is in a scene between Jackson and Viv in series 2. On one side of the bridge is England and the other side is Wales. The bridge Cross the River Wye of course.


Brockweir Bridge also makes an appearance in the TV show.

The Shop Where Adam And Ola Work

The shop where Adam and Ola work (and Remi lives) in season 2, is in LLandogo. It is very easy to find. We actually happened to stumble across it just driving through. If you’re a fan of the show then you won’t miss it!


Apparently they used the same sign for filming as it is in real life – I bet that’s good for business.


It’s great to stop for some crips or drinks for your picnic. 

Maeve’s Caravan

This one was pretty tricky to find. There is no information online about it (until now!) but we recognised the area and had a gut feeling of where it might be. That gut feeling turned out to be correct – we couldn’t believe it. The caravan site is on a private farm and is normally used to house fruit pickers who work on the farm. We don’t recommend going here as you won’t be able to access the site and doing so without permission would be trespassing. It is located near Walford in Ross-on-Wye.

Other Locations

There are some other locations that we didn’t get to visit on this trip such as:

Amie’s House

Amie’s home is Bigsweir House in Gloucester. It is a private property and it is most notably the location for the party in series one.

More Locations

Other locations that were featured in the show include:

  • Dean Forest Railway is a location that is visited in series 2
  • St Briavels Castle is where Jackson and his mum have a heart to heart whilst overlooking the River Wye

Where is it filmed?

Is Sex Eduction filmed in Wales?

Many people think that this is all filmed in Wales, and while they are almost correct, it is not completely true. Otis’ house is in Symonds Yat which is firmly in England as are other locations like Maeve’s caravan (Ross-on-Wye) and Amie’s House (Gloucester. There are many places filmed in Wales in Monmouthshire.

Sex Education Filming Locations In Symonds Yat

There are many Sex Education scenes that are filmed in Symonds Yat. Otis’ red house is filmed on the banks of the valley that runs through symonds yat. Eric and Rahim visit an arcade in season two which is a leisure park that is in Symonds Yat West.

Ross-on-Wye Sex Education Location

The filming location for Sex Education in Ross-on-Wye is a private caravan park and it is where Maeve lives in the series. We haven’t been able to track down the exact location where this is but we’re pretty sure it is near Walford and is a Caravan site for fruit pickers.


There you have it! All of the top filming locations from the hit Netflix show Sex Education. Now, who’s ready for a road trip to try and find them?


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