The Wonders of Glamping on the Wye

Our season had started with rain, a high river and lots of wet grass, the wildlife however seemed to enjoy this.

Before we knew it the apple blossom was out and the orchard was blooming with life and guests.

A whole gaggle of swans have moved onsite for the summer months and spend their time paddling around on the river before resting in the pasture. Two herons have also been spotted, sadly they don’t stay round long enough to take pictures.

We are always keen to improve our facilities here at White House Glamping and this year we have done some work to our kitchen area including adding some more work surface and a wonderful seating area for guests to relax on.

Our roundabout has had a mini makeover and is now home to some flowers and a whole array of herbs for guests to use, we have also planted up at the side of the kitchen and included lettuces for everyone to pick as needed, sadly the basil won’t be enjoyed by the humans as the bunny population has relished it.

Following the wet summer of last season we have also invested in 3 large gazebo’s for guests to hire during their stay, measuring 9m x 3m they are proving to be very popular to combat the weather conditions be that rain or sunshine.

Our Hideaway cabins are proving to be incredibly popular with us adding extras on for the guests stay including welly racks, dog bowls and a leash area to keep the pooch safe whilst their owners enjoy the hot tub or bath.

As the summer really gets under way, we look forward to meeting more of our happy glampers and seeing them enjoy the wonderful surroundings that we are lucky to be in.

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