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CAnoeing At White House

Hiring a canoe is one of the top activities that our guests do when they visit. It’s a fantastic way to see the beautiful Wye Valley countryside and a fun day out for all. The River Wye flows through the farm, so it would be a shame to miss a chance to set sail on it. Get in touch so we can recommend the local company we work with.

what is on offer

Depending on your preference, you can take whole day or afternoon trips. Or for those a little more adventurous multi-day trips are also possible. Our top tip is to take a picnic and stop off on many of the pebble beaches along the way. Guests are welcome to bring their own canoes and launch from our beach. We also get many guests arriving via canoe or kayak, staying overnight and then going on their way the next day – who said you need to arrive by car! Canoes can sit 2-3 people so you can split your group amongst a few canoes if necessary.

where are the starting points

You can start at many points along the Wye, but the most common trip that we recommend is Fownhope to Hoarwithy. It’s a nice stretch of calm water that takes about 3 hours to complete and it is perfect to get a taste of canoeing without tiring out. For longer trips you can continue onto Ross-on-Wye. The canoe hire company arranges all of the travel back to the start point once you’re complete.

How To Arrive To White House Glamping via Canoe

If you have GPS, you can plug in our site (just put ‘White House on Wye Glamping’ into Google Maps or similar) and you’ll see as you are approaching. If you don’t have GPS then keep a look out for a meadow on the left that is immediately followed by a steep wooded hill lasting for about a mile. On the right you will spot a raised fishermans cabin. At this point you are closeby. We have a beach where you can get out of your canoes. It comes just after a small fishing jetty. Once you’ve landed, you can head up the bank into the field. You can leave the canoes on the field to save taking them to the glamping site. From there, if you head right (downstream), along the bank until you go through a gate. Then head diagonally across the field to the opposite corner. You’ll then see the tipis.
Nestled in the Wye Valley

Welcome to White House Farm Glamping in Herefordshire. The river Wye winds it’s way for a mile through our farm, giving you the perfect setting for your glamping getaway. Canoeing, fishing and BBQs on the beach are literally on your doorstep. We’re easy to get to, just 10 minutes drive from Ross-on-Wye and we’re family friendly.

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How do I get back to my car?

You will leave your car parked at the launch point, the canoe hire company will take you from the endpoint back to your car.

Do you launch from the glamping site?

You can do this. With the canoe hire company that we recommend, trips start from Fownhope.

How much does it cost?

It costs £60 for half a day and £70 for a whole day

Is it safe for children?

As long as they accompanied by an adult

Is it safe for dogs?

It is possible to take dogs, as long as they are comfortable.

Are life jackets provided?

Yes, the canoe company provides full safety equipment and will give a safety briefing before you set off.

What if I fall in?

Your instructor will give you full information on this before you set off so that you are well prepared for every eventuality.

Can we bring food?

Of course. It’s actually. agreat idea having lunch in the way. You can always stop in a beach on the way. But remember, take the rubbish always with you.