Meet our Team

I’m  Teddy. I’m  Rich. I’m  Claudia. I’m  Oli. I’m  Moli. I’m  Poli.


Rich brought the tipis to the farm and he loves welcoming guests to this little slice of heaven. You will find him foraging plants and making some nice food out of it.


You'll find our Spanish girl rolling up her sleeves, doing everything from organising weddings for our guests to looking after the small touches. Always with a big smile on her face.


Jo is the tipi site manger who is the life and soul of our farm. She always has a smile on her face and followed 2 steps behind by dog Alfie (who is the real boss!).

Cleaning team

Our wonderful cleaning team help to keep the standards of the glamping site high and are on hand to assist with any customer questions.


He is definitely the big boss. You will meet him at some point during your stay... especially if you cook some sausages by the BBQ. He never misses an opportunity!

Oli, Molly and Poly

Come to say hello to the troublesome trio! They are usually around the farm, sunbathing and enjoying our green fields!
white house farm

our story

I was born and raised here. At 18 I left Herefordshire for the big city. It wasn’t until I moved away to London, that I realised how blessed I had been. In all my years living here, I had never noticed just how green everything was. The contrast of the city made me appreciate the calm beauty of Herefordshire. 


Coming back was like giving my mind and body a complete refresh.

I cherished the weekends where I could escape from the smog, stress and overwhelming busyness and come back home to the farm bringing my “city girl” with me to show her the country life.

Every summer we would drive a mini-bus full of our London friends down so we could canoe down the River Wye and have BBQs on the pebble beach. We saw that it was incredibly powerful, to take people back to nature for a weekend, to allow them to drop all their worries, to seek adventure, to lie in the grass, watch the stars and to be in the countryside.


We started White House Glamping as our way of sharing our little slice of heaven with the world. We’ve since welcomed many guests over the years. From families looking for a place to let their kids roam free in nature to couples looks for a romantic break with a difference.


The farm has been in the Edwards family for almost 100 years. Our great grandfather moved here and took the farm on as a tenant and it’s stayed in the family for the subsequent generations.


We’re a working dairy farm. We want to welcome guests who want to experience country life as it really is. That means squawking rooks, the hum of the milking parlour, mooing cows and dogs running around. All of the things that give the countryside it’s character.