How Quickly Time Flies when our having Fun!

It seems like only days since the season started yet we are racing towards the end of the summer at a rapid rate of knots. Way back in March the river was close to coming over the banks, now although much lower it changes day by day sometimes giving us a large area of pebble beach and other days providing small islands for wildlife to hop between.





A pair of mating swans and a solo male have moved in and enjoy patrolling the waters edge from anyone who gets to close, issuing a high pitched hissing to anyone who crosses their boundary line.



The extensive pastureland that we are lucky enough to spend the summer on has also seen a gaggle of geese arrive for their summer break along with herons and all manner of wildlife.




Meanwhile our doggy guests and resident mutts enjoy the walks along the riverbank in between dozing in the sunshine and using the long grass and apple trees to keep cool.

Cows as ever are the main focus of life on White House Farm as they wander down to the dairy parlour for their twice a day milking making sure to moo as much as they can. The calves from spring are long gone except for Bob and Betty who spend the days enjoying their large pen and receiving visits from guests and staff.

Our guests make the most of the inclement weather conditions tucked up in our warm and dry tipi’s or heading out for the day to sample the delights of Herefordshire’s landscapes and history. On the summer evenings the fire pits provide a different way of cooking and a chance to spend time with family and friends without the distraction of Wi-Fi and phones ringing.

Our new book corner has proved popular for snuggling in the dry in the evening and reading the night away.

As ever we are already planning for next season which includes the arrival of another of our hideaway cabins and providing further outside space for our glamping customers.





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