17 Fun Large Group Activities for Any Occasion

Are you ready to strengthen your team’s bond and communication skills while having a blast? Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures, indoor team building exercises, or calming relaxation activities, this blog post has got you covered! Dive in and discover a wide array of fun large group activities perfect for any occasion, fostering team spirit, and creating unforgettable memories. These can be used with any group whether it is a family reunion or a team away day.

Key Takeaways

Outdoor Activities To Do With Friends or a Team

Nothing beats the great outdoors when it comes to promoting interaction and boosting team spirit. Outdoor activities are an excellent way to help team members bond, improve communication, and have fun together. Let’s delve into some outstanding outdoor activities that encourage bonding among team members:

  1. Glamping
  2. Giant volleyball
  3. Human foosball
  4. Outdoor movie nights

Are you prepared for a thrilling team building game journey?

The right team-building activities can make all the difference in fostering a strong team spirit and creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable participating. From adrenaline-pumping games to relaxing outdoor experiences, these activities will not only bring your team closer together but will also leave lasting memories for everyone involved. Thus, prepare to immerse yourself in the thrilling realm of outdoor team-building exercises!

Go Glamping

Imagine experiencing the great outdoors with a touch of luxury at White House Glamping! This unique glamping experience offers tipis, various activities, and facilities for groups of up to 30 guests, making it the perfect setting for an unforgettable team-building adventure.

Located in the stunning Wye Valley, White House Glamping provides:

There’s something for everyone at White House Glamping!

Why not embark on a glamping adventure with your team and fortify your bonds amidst nature? From comfortable tipis to engaging activities, White House Glamping offers the ideal setting for an unforgettable team-building event.

Giant Volleyball Game

Are you ready for a fun, energetic, and teamwork-promoting activity? Look no further than the giant volleyball game! This modified version of the classic game of traditional volleyball involves a larger ball and an adjustable court size, making it perfect for teams of varying sizes.

The rules of giant volleyball are similar to traditional volleyball, but with some exciting modifications. The court size can be adjusted to accommodate the size of the group playing, the ball is larger than a traditional volleyball, and the net is higher. Teams should have at least four players, so everyone can join in the fun and enjoy some friendly competition.

Not only is giant volleyball a blast to play, but it’s also an excellent way to promote teamwork and communication among large groups. Hence, assemble your team, seize an oversized volleyball, and brace yourselves for a thrilling large-scale game that everyone will adore!

Human Foosball

Ever wondered what it would be like to bring the popular table game of foosball to life? Human foosball is a unique and entertaining activity that encourages teamwork, strategy, and friendly competition. In this game, participants are strapped to poles and compete in a 5-a-side football match, replicating the movements of players in a foosball table.

To play Human Foosball, you’ll need a large open space, poles, and a ball. Divide the players into two teams of five and have each team stand behind a pole, with each player strapped to the pole so they can only move side to side. The goal is to score by kicking the ball into the opposing team’s goal, all while fostering teamwork and communication.

However, remember to prioritise safety! Make sure the poles are firmly fastened and that players are strapped in securely. Following these tips will ensure a fun and safe human foosball experience that will have your team laughing and bonding in no time.

Outdoor Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good movie night? Why not take it outdoors and create a relaxing and entertaining group activity for your team? Organising an outdoor movie night is a fantastic way to unwind and enjoy the company of your team members.

All you need to do is:

  1. Choose a movie that everyone will enjoy
  2. Set up comfortable seating
  3. Provide snacks
  4. Set up a projector and sound system

Then, simply sit back, relax, and let the magic of the movies bring your team together. Outdoor movie nights are an enjoyable and stress-free group activity that can help team members bond and create lasting memories.

Indoor Team Building Activities

Sometimes, indoor activities are just what the team needs to strengthen bonds and improve communication. Whether you’re looking for a creative workshop or a competitive game night, there are plenty of indoor team building activities that can help your team grow closer and more cohesive.

We’ll delve into exhilarating indoor activities such as improv workshops, trivia nights, and cooking classes in this segment. Indoor team building activities not only encourage collaboration and communication but also help participants develop problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and leadership abilities.

Let us uncover some fantastic indoor activities that will maintain your team’s engagement, motivation, and above all, unity!

Improv Workshop

Ready to boost your team’s communication, creativity, and quick thinking? An improv workshop is a perfect way to achieve these goals while having a blast! In these workshops, participants engage in various improvisational activities, learning to think on their feet and respond to unexpected situations.

Improv workshops can help build rapport, storytelling, team building, and even develop business skills. Activities involved in an improv workshop can include creating characters, scenes, and even song lyrics on the spot. The dynamic and spontaneous nature of improv makes it an ideal activity for fostering teamwork, creativity, and communication.

Hence, assemble your team and immerse yourselves in the realm of improv! With its unique blend of fun, excitement, and skill-building, an improv workshop is sure to leave a lasting impression on your team members and help them grow both individually and as a unit.

Trivia Night

Put your team’s knowledge to the test with an engaging trivia night! Trivia nights are a fun and interactive group activity, usually held at a bar or restaurant, where participants form teams and compete against each other by answering questions. These events often include fantastic prizes, adding an element of friendly competition to the mix.

The rules of trivia night typically involve teams being given a set of questions and having to answer them within a certain time limit. The team with the most correct answers wins. Trivia nights are not only a great way to bring people together but also an excellent opportunity to test your knowledge and learn new facts in a fun and relaxed environment.

Hence, assemble your team, polish your trivia knowledge, and prepare for a night of entertainment and enlightenment at the board game tournament!

Cooking Class

Pizza oven!

Who says team building can’t be delicious? A cooking class is a fantastic way to improve teamwork and collaboration while learning new culinary skills. Cooking classes are hands-on learning experiences where expert chefs teach participants various cooking techniques and skills.

Cooking classes not only help your team bond over a shared experience but also teach valuable life skills, such as cooking delicious and healthy meals. If traditional cooking classes aren’t available or don’t suit your team’s needs, consider alternatives like hiring a professional chef to cook a fabulous meal for you in your home or office kitchen through a service like Kitchensurfing.

Whichever option you choose, your winning team will surely enjoy the mouthwatering results of their teamwork, with each team member contributing to the success.

Adventure-Based Activities

Stand Up Paddleboard

If your team is up for a thrilling challenge, adventure-based activities are the way to go! These action-packed activities not only provide an adrenaline rush but also foster teamwork and resilience. We’ll delve into adrenaline-fuelling experiences such as:

in this segment.

Adventure-based activities are perfect for teams looking to test their limits and push their boundaries. Not only do these activities encourage team bonding, but they also help participants face their fears and develop a sense of accomplishment. So, fasten your helmets and harnesses and plunge into these exhilarating team building adventures!

Paddle boarding

Experience the beauty of the River Wye while paddleboarding, an exciting activity offered at White House Glamping. Paddleboarding is an excellent way to enjoy nature, improve balance and coordination, and bond with your team members as you glide across the water together.

Whether you’re a seasoned paddleboarder or a complete beginner, this activity is suitable for all skill levels and provides a unique opportunity to connect with your team in a picturesque setting. So, grab your paddle, hop on a board, and let the calming waters of the River Wye bring your team closer together.


Canoe By the River
Canoe By the River

Canoeing is a fantastic way to explore nature and create meaningful connections with your team. As you paddle down the River Wye, you’ll work together to navigate the water and enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding you.

Before heading out on your adventure, make sure to follow safety tips to ensure a fun and secure experience. Wear a life jacket, follow the guide’s instructions, and avoid alcohol and drugs. Canoeing is safe for children and dogs when accompanied by an adult, so nobody has to miss out on the fun.

Embark on a canoeing adventure and watch as your team’s bonds grow stronger with each paddle stroke. The combination of teamwork, breathtaking scenery, and physical activity makes canoeing an ideal team building activity.


Get ready for a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping adventure with ziplining! This thrilling activity involves zooming through the air on a cable while harnessed and wearing a helmet. Ziplining is an excellent way to promote trust and teamwork, as well as conquer any fears of heights.

Before ziplining, ensure that safety measures are in place. Wear a helmet and harness, follow the zipline operator’s instructions, and inspect the cable for any damage before using it. With the proper precautions, your team can experience the exhilarating rush of ziplining while fostering trust and teamwork.

Escape Room

Test your team’s problem-solving and communication skills with a challenging and immersive escape room experience. In an escape room, your team is locked in a room and must work together to:

All of these actions are necessary in order to escape within a certain time limit.

Escape rooms are an excellent way to promote teamwork, communication, and critical thinking skills. To ensure a successful experience, read the rules and instructions carefully before starting the game, communicate clearly with your team, and think outside the box.

So, gather your team, put your thinking caps on, and see if you have what it takes to escape! This exciting and challenging activity, including the egg drop challenge, will not only test your team’s abilities but also create a memorable bonding experience for everyone involved.

White Water Rafting

Embark on the ultimate team-building adventure with white water rafting! This exhilarating activity involves navigating a river or other body of water using an inflatable raft, tackling thrilling rapids, and working together to stay afloat.

White water rafting fosters teamwork, resilience, and confidence, as your team faces the challenge head-on and conquers the rapids together. Before embarking on your adventure, make sure to follow safety tips, such as wearing a life jacket, listening to your guide’s instructions, and avoiding alcohol and drugs.

With safety in mind, your team can enjoy the adrenaline-pumping excitement of white water rafting while forging stronger bonds and creating unforgettable memories.

Relaxation and Bonding Activities

Sometimes, the best way to connect with your team is to unwind and relax together. Calming group activities like yoga sessions and book clubs provide an opportunity for your team to bond and engage in meaningful conversations.

We’ll delve into these calming activities and their advantages for nurturing team relationships in this segment. When we take a step back from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and engage in relaxation and bonding activities, we create space for deeper connections and improved communication. Let’s uncover some soothing activities that will aid your team in recharging, reconnecting, and fortifying their bonds.

Group Yoga Session

Promote relaxation, mindfulness, and team bonding with a group yoga session. Yoga is a fantastic way to unwind, reduce stress, and improve flexibility and strength. A group yoga session can be tailored to different levels of experience, from beginner to advanced, making it suitable for all team members.

Group yoga sessions can be held in a studio, online, or at a specific location, offering flexibility and convenience for your team. Led by trained instructors, these sessions provide a unique opportunity for your team to practice mindfulness, focus on the present moment, and connect with each other on a deeper level.

Why not consider group yoga for a large group? This calming and rejuvenating activity will not only help your entire group feel refreshed and revitalized but also foster a sense of unity and harmony within the group.

Book Club

Encourage intellectual discussion and interpersonal connections with a team book club. Book clubs are a fantastic way to:

Whether your team is interested in fiction, non-fiction, or a mix of both, a book club can be a valuable addition to your organization.

To start a book club, simply select a book based on your team’s interests, set a date and time for the discussion, and invite team members to join. As your team dives into the world of literature, they’ll not only expand their knowledge and understanding of different perspectives but also strengthen their interpersonal bonds and communication skills.

Quick and Easy Icebreakers

Icebreakers are an essential part of any successful team-building event. These quick and easy activities help break the ice, making everyone feel comfortable and encouraging interaction and participation. This segment will introduce simple and engaging icebreakers such as Two Truths and a Lie, Speed Networking, and Human Bingo.

These activities are perfect for kicking off your team-building event, as they create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that sets the tone for the rest of the activities. Let’s delve into these quick and straightforward icebreakers that will assist your team members in getting acquainted and fostering a sense of camaraderie right from the start.

Two Truths and a Lie

Kick off your team-building event with the classic icebreaker, Two Truths and a Lie. In this activity, participants share three statements about themselves – two of which are true, and one is a lie – and the other participants must guess which statement is false.

To play Two Truths and a Lie, simply have each participant share their three statements, and then let the guessing begin! This activity encourages team members to share interesting facts about themselves and learn more about their colleagues. It’s a fun and interactive way to break the ice and set the stage for a successful team-building event.

Speed Networking

Facilitate quick and meaningful connections with a speed networking session. This engaging activity allows participants to meet and converse with multiple team members in a short amount of time, helping them to expand their network and form new connections.

To organize a speed networking session, create a list of participants, assign them to tables, and set a timer for each round. As the timer goes off, participants move to the next table, allowing them to meet as many team members as possible in a short amount of time. Some tips for a successful speed networking session include being prepared with an elevator pitch, having a positive attitude, and being open to new connections.

Speed networking is an effective and enjoyable way to foster communication and collaboration within your team, helping to create a strong foundation for future team-building activities and enhancing teamwork skills.

Human Bingo

Encourage mingling and conversation with a game of Human Bingo. In this activity, participants are given a bingo card with a list of questions or statements, and they must find others who match the descriptions on their bingo cards.

To play Human Bingo, simply provide each participant with a bingo card and let the mingling begin! Participants can ask each other questions to see if they match the descriptions on their cards, helping to break the ice and create connections among team members.

This fun and interactive activity is perfect for getting your team talking and learning more about one another in a relaxed and enjoyable setting, making it one of the best fun group activities.


From outdoor adventures to indoor workshops, calming relaxation activities to exhilarating challenges, there’s no shortage of ways to bring your team closer together. With these fun large group activities, you’ll not only foster team spirit and improve communication but also create unforgettable memories that will strengthen your team’s bond for years to come. So, are you ready to embark on a team-building journey like no other?

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with a large group of people?

Bring your team together and have a blast with any of these large group team building activities – from company potlucks to volunteering, there’s something for everyone!

What can you do with 20 people?

Organize team building activities, throw a Hollywood Murder Mystery, host a potluck, go on a Wild Goose Chase, have a Paint Night, put together a Charity Bike Buildathon, take on the Marshmallow Challenge, try out Corporate Castaways, or have a game of Two Truths and a Lie with 20 people!

What is the purpose of team-building activities?

Team-building activities foster team spirit by encouraging interaction, improving communication, and strengthening teamwork.

What are some examples of outdoor team-building activities?

Get your team outdoors and get creative with activities such as glamping, giant volleyball, human foosball, and outdoor movie nights for an exciting team-building experience!

What types of activities are available at White House Glamping?

Experience a range of activities like paddleboarding, yoga, and wild swimming at White House Glamping!

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